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EZ Plans was founded in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles on the belief that many home owners in the U.S. are being excluded from realizing their home improvement dreams because of limited access to affordable architecture. Join the many homeowners, contractors and developers who choose EZ Plans every day.

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Our fast, affordable and streamlined approach is changing the way architecture services are delivered.

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EZ Measure is the first step in the EZ process. Following an initial site consultation, we will present a Services Agreement for your review and consideration. After contract execution, we schedule an on-site appointment for one of our trained site technicians to measure your property.

Our site technicians accurately capture the measurements of your home using state-of-the-art handheld laser measuring equipment, and quickly transform these measurements into accurate and detailed as-built floor plans.

Preliminary CAD drawings are developed entirely on-site using mobile CAD workstations. These drawings are then sent to our architecture support team to prepare your finished as-built plans for delivery within 48 hours.

Process DESIGN

EZ Design is the second step in the EZ process. Within 10 days we will call to schedule an appointment for an initial design presentation in one of our luxury mobile design studios. We will continue to work with you in an interactive process to refine the design to your satisfaction, before moving on to the next step.

Each of our architects is highly skilled in the field of residential design and construction and is ready to provide you with the most cost effective, functional, creative, and exciting design options to meet your needs. It doesn't matter whether you are just adding a room, modifying or remodeling your living space, converting your garage, enhancing the exterior of your home, or simply trying to create an open floor plan, our EZ Design experience is all about you.

Process DRAW

EZ Draw is the third step in the EZ process. After you finalize and sign off on any requested design changes, we will immediately begin work on your construction documents. During this phase we will coordinate with structural engineering, usually required.

Construction drawings consist of floor plans showing existing, to-be-removed and new walls, doors, windows, stairs, decks, plumbing fixtures and mechanical equipment, and will include foundation plans, roof framing plans, X-sectional details, window and door schedules, Title 24 energy calculations, often required, and any other structure details required for plan check and permitting.

Process PERMIT

EZ Permit is the fourth step in the EZ process. Using our expedited permit processing service we submit your final construction drawings for City plan check, and permitting, and any required changes are included as part of our standard package.

In most jurisdictions you are required to obtain a building permit before your home improvement project can begin. Most building and safety departments provide valuable information on codes and ordinances, construction practices and other property data that must be carefully considered when planning your home improvement. That is exactly what we do for you at EZ Plans.

Process BIDS

EZ Bids is the fifth and final step in the EZ process. This step is optional and is offered as a courtesy to assist you in obtaining a reliable cost estimate for your project, without any commitment.

Now that your construction plans have been approved and permitted by the City, you may choose to have EZ Plans assist you in securing bids from licensed contractors. If you wish to take advantage of this service, simply let us know and we will include this service in your Agreement.

To ensure that your time is not wasted reviewing more bids than is necessary, we restrict the number of contractor bids to a maximum of three. This also ensures that contractors do not waste their valuable time by bidding on projects that have already been awarded. However, we cannot guarantee any contractor will choose to bid on a particular project.

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Packages and Pricing

Our fixed fee-for-service pricing model enables us to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our pricing is process-based, transparent, and easy to understand. You know exactly what you're paying for every step of the way.

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No project too big or too small. We do it all. From interior remodels, to second story additions, to plans for new 5,000 sf homes.
We've even done a few estate homes.

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Our architects are talented and accomplished professionals.

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